May's litter 2008

Sunday afternoon, April 27th we became 'grandfather(s)' again, this time of 5 kittens from our own stud Indra and May Sun. They are 1 girl and 4 boys, in order of being born (click on a name to see a picture of the kitten):
Kali solid black bicolor girl (spoken for)
Kashi seal point bicolor boy (available)
Kanu solid black mitted with blaze boy (spoken for)
Kandu seal point mitted with blaze boy (spoken for)
Kelo seal point bicolor boy (spoken for)

They are growing steadily and had doubled there birthweight within 6 days. Mamma May had a very smooth and swift delivery, is still doing well and is clearly enjoying her litter very much, as do we. :-)

Click on the (week) buttons below to see how the kittens grow up.

The parents:

*Litter plans (fall) 2008*

Ashima, as well as Maya will be old enough to be covered by the end of the summer, but whether or not they will go into heat and whether or not they will get pregnant right after the first (cover/service) attempt is something we will just have to wait and see! ;-)