We still have 1 seal bicolor point boy available!!!

*Update May 12 2008*

The kittenphoto's of week 02 can now be viewed at the kittens pagina. Untill the end of this month (May) there will be no new kittenphoto's on the website, since our webmaster is on holidays during the comming weeks. If you want to see fresh pictures, send us an e-mail and we will send them to you as attachments to our (e-mail)reply. We will try (so no guarantees ;-) to have new pictures available every monday of the new weeks to come. At the beginning of June we will have our webmaster post all the previously unshown photo('s/)weeks online.

*Update May 5 2008*

Sunday afternoon, April 27th 2008 we became 'grandfather(s)' again, this time of 5 kittens from our own stud Indra and May Sun They are as follows: 1 solid black bicolor girl (option), 1 solid black mitted with blaze boy, 1 seal point mitted with blaze boy and 2 seal point bicolor boys. They are growing very well and had doubled there birthweight within 6 days. Mamma May had a very smooth and swift delivery, is doing very well and is clearly enjoying her litter very much, as do we. :-)

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